SEO For Edinburgh Based Companies

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SEO For Edinburgh Based Companies

Creating a website and making it go live is not that huge a situation, thousands of people do it each and every day.  Some people may think it is difficult but its not and it is getting easier with the wealth of advice found on the internet to do such actions.

This results in a vast number of people such as yourself having great websites, captivating content and eye-candy graphics.  Once you have got to that stage, the next step is to make sure you have targeted visitors to your website.

As a brand spanking new website owner, you should not think that every single person out there with an internet connection will understand just how amazing your website is.  The internet is crowded with sites offering services & products that are no doubt similar to yours yet there are only 10 spaces on the front page of Google’s organic search listings.

Random example of the keyword “new car”, 189 million competing websites for that term. Thats a lot of competition!

When the competition is so tough, what should your plan of action be to make your website stand out from the crowd and be noticed?

The question should actually be – how can you attract internet search engine traffic to your website?

It is these days, common knowledge to know that if you have a specific requirement for a product or services then you are very likely to find what you need on the internet or to be more precise, the search engines.

This is because the search engine is the modern day tool in which people use to locate whatever it is they need.  If an individual searcher is using a particular keyword or phrase, they will be confident in having a selection of different websites appear related to their query.

An example of this could be that someone is doing research on SEO companies in Edinburgh.  They would go to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing and type in a query (keyword) such as “Edinburgh SEO”, “SEO agency Edinburgh” or “search engine optimisation in Edinburgh”.  The search engine that the user is querying will display a list of many pages containing information on SEO companies in Edinburgh.

This is great for the searcher as it gives them an abundance of information to select, not so great for the many competing websites as it is a known fact that the higher up the search engine ranking pages (SERP’s) you go the more click through your site will achieve and thus bring you more and more targeted visitors.

The hard part is getting to the top and if you are ever going to successfully achieve high rankings for your Edinburgh based business then you are either going to have to seriously study SEO or hire someone who has.

Now is this fellow waving at us or at the big letters? Either way he looks happy!

If you are not at a point where it is feasible for you to hire an SEO in Edinburgh to promote your site, you can follow these tips to ensure that you will see an improvement in your organic search rankings one way or another.

There is no point in having a site full of content that makes no sense to what you are selling or offering.  A good exercise for this is to imagine yourself as a search engine user that has a requirement for what your business is providing, what would you type to find a website that offers your product?  Optimise your site around possible search terms (keywords) the potential visitor will use.

The search engines think of links to your website as little votes of appreciation from other sites, the more links (or votes) you have, the higher up the results you will go.  If you manage to get links from authoritative relevant sites, you should see a huge increase in position.

The information on your site will play an important role in the ranking of your website.  Make sure you are offering a good level of quality in your writing and make sure that you are answering the visitors query.

On top of that, the more content you have the more you will be able to fit in relevant keywords in a natural and flowing way.  A website will rank a lot better if it talks about a certain subject in a readable manner when compared to a site that simply has a list of user targeted keywords.

If you require any more information on SEO and are in need of hiring an SEO agency in Edinburgh get in contact to talk about your requirements in detail.

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