How To Know If Your SEO Company Edinburgh Is Helping You Or Not

How To Know If Your SEO Company Edinburgh Is Helping You Or Not

Once you hire a search engine optimisation company in Edinburgh, it is important to make sure that they are doing things right and helping you to accomplish your goals. Given that search engine optimisation is a long term strategy that also requires financial investment, you do not want all your resources to go down the drain. So, here is how you can know whether your SEO Company Edinburgh is doing a good job or not.

Regular Communication

One of the ways you can know what the firm is doing is if they communicate on a regular basis with you. It can be frustrating not to get regular feedback or know what is going on with your site. Therefore, choose a company that will provide you with regular updates about what they are doing, improvements they have made and tweaks that need to be made. The company should also be getting feedback from you about whether your sales have gone up, the kind of inquiries you are getting and the overall impact on your brand.

You Can See Link Building Efforts

You should be able to see the agency’s effort when it comes to link building. This includes regular content being posted on your website and on your social media platforms.

Also, they will strive to create manual links over time. This includes doing things like posting articles on various sites. These should be unique articles that have been manually written and not automatic machine generated articles that have been rewritten hundreds of times.

Monthly Report

The agency should send you a written report on a monthly basis. This report will be a reflection of everything that they have done. If the agency is not able to provide you with such a report, this should be a red flag that everything is not okay. Some of the things that should be in this report include bounce rates, number of site visitors, number of page visits, sources of traffic and most popular pages on the site, among many other things.

They Will Share Their Techniques

A good agency should let you know what they are doing and disclose the techniques they are using. If they refuse to do this, this is not a good sign. The agency should use white hat techniques that are legitimate and acceptable in the industry. 

You Start Ranking for the Right Keywords

One of your main goals is to get targeted traffic. Therefore, when you start ranking for the targeted keywords and long-tail keywords, then this is a good sign. Your traffic should also come from credible sources and you should get relevant inquiries from your audience.

Your Revenue Goes Up

Apart from getting traffic, you need to increase conversions. When you target the right audience, you will be able to convert more of them, therefore your sales and revenue will increase. Even if your traffic numbers are low, but conversion numbers are high, this is a good sign.


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