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The term SEO Edinburgh is a keyword that any search engine optimisation company in Scotland would like to rank high in Google for.  The reason for this is so that they can bring in more targeted visitors to their website.  We at Edinburgh SEO Services are no exception to this and we wanted to give you the reader an opportunity to see a live experiment on how a website can climb higher in the rankings by choosing a keyword and promoting it in the proper way.  Our keyword of choice for this Experiment is “SEO Edinburgh“.

What has this “SEO Edinburgh” experiment got to do with me!?” We hear you scream, well if you are a business owner with an under performing website, a lot.  You see no matter what your industry, whether it is search engine optimisation like us or you make your money from selling ice to the Eskim … sorry … Inuit people, you will always need one thing.  Customers!  The beauty of the internet is that it is the best place for your customers to find you.  That is of course, only if you are ranking high in the search engines.

This guide on how to rank for keywords will show you exactly what professional SEO firms practice in the primary stages when they begin optimising their client’s websites.

We will cover the topic of keyword selection, keyword research and eventually the best way to implement those keywords with on page SEO and off page SEO.  Hopefully by the end of this guide on how to rank for keywords you will have greatly improved your knowledge of keyword research and will have a good idea of the work that goes into a successful search engine optimisation campaign.

If you are a website owner, you are encouraged to use these techniques to improve your rankings.  Of course, as a business owner you may not have the time to use these suggestions, if that is the case then you will be glad to know that it is your lucky day because we know just the people who can help you!

How To Rank For Keywords Such As “SEO Edinburgh”

Ok on to the first step, you have no doubt had a website designed by a web design company (charged you an arm and a leg no doubt) and now you want people to visit your site, first thing to do is never let the web design company do your SEO.  You wouldn’t want a plumber fixing your door frames after all.

The second thing we want to do is brain storm keyword ideas in which you want your site to rank for, the best way to do this is to use Google’s very own free keyword research tool.

This keyword research tool allows you to input any keyword or term you would like to rank for and in return it will spew out many more related terms for you to consider.  To use this site as an example, we would love to rank for the term “SEO” so we shall enter this keyword into the keyword research tool and see what it gives us.


You can change your settings in this tool for your own preferences, remember to select the location you wish to target also.

As you can see it gives us a list of related terms that we can target for our website.  Give this tool a try, no matter what line of work you are in, enter some terms into this tool and Google will tell you exactly the type of keywords it relates to your industry.

Why is this information useful?  Well it is useful because now you have a list of terms that Google relates to your industry and now you can target each one of them depending on their competition in the rankings.

The higher the competition, the harder it will be to rank for that term.  Yes, it would be great to rank number one for a term that gives you 10,000 visitors per day but it may take you years to get there.  A great way around this is to target many less competitive terms.

We Are Targeting The Keyword “SEO Edinburgh”, What Will You Be Targeting?

Targeting many different terms like this is fundamental in your organic SEO rankings and that is why we are doing this SEO Edinburgh experiment so you can watch us target a less competitive yet related and targeted keyword, and watch our progress as the months go by.

In our next instalment we will tell you how to determine whether a keyword is competitive or not allowing you to swoop in and take some high positions and drive targeted visitors to your site.

At the time of writing Edinburgh SEO Services is currently ranking in 169th (now page one!) position for the keyword “SEO Edinburgh”.  We have a lot of work to do if we are to get to the high positions for this term.  There are of course no guarantees that we will hit the high positions but we will continue to work on these rankings and give you insight into how we aim to achieve it.

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