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Looking For 100% Unique & Professionally Written Search Engine Friendly Content To Add To Your Company Website?

One of the most important factors in getting any website to rank high in the search engines is by having quality written content added regularly to your site.  There is a famous saying in the Internet marketing world which says “Content is king” and this is true to an extent but its only really true if the content you are adding to your site is of a high quality.

The issue many business owners face is that producing this level of high quality content for your website is not only extremely time consuming but it is also very difficult to do if you don’t have a natural flair for writing.

Thankfully Edinburgh SEO Services now offer a world class SEO content writing service that allows you to add 100% unique, hand written and search engine optimised content to your site that the search engines will fall in love with.  Our content writing service is guaranteed to save you time and money!

The Process Of Our Content Writing Services

Industry Specific Research: We will research your specific industry making sure that you receive quality content that is relevant to your site and will engage your readers

Keyword Analysis: We will make sure that the content we deliver contains all the relvent keywords your website is targeting improving your sites performance for each term

Structure The Content: Once we have done our research and analysis it is then time to consider the structure of the content for maximum benefit to your website

Start The Content Writing: The work begins on the creation of your article and is passed on to our experienced team of professional journalists

Deliver The Content: Once we are happy with the quality of the article for your specific requirements we will send the finished product over to you

More Reasons To Use Our Content Writing Services

Some of the many reasons why our content writing services can help your website perform at the highest level:

  • 100% unique content
  • Hand written by humans (no unethical writing software used)
  • High quality information
  • Optimised for all the major search engines
  • Once the content has been delivered it is entirely your property, you can use it as you see fit on your site
  • All of our writers are UK based and have English as their first language
  • The web content writing we produce for your site will engage your visitors as well as the search engines
  • Fully optimised SEO content writing to help with organic rankings
  • We use “long tail” keywords to attract even more visitors to your site
  • Having our quality content writing on your site will dramatically increase the chances of other websites linking to you

Get in touch with Edinburgh SEO Services today to discuss how our content writing services can help your website outperform the competition.  Give us a call on 0845 409 7019 (Freephone) or use the contact page to send us your requirements, we look forward to hearing from you.  If you are struggling to come to terms with the benefits of SEO, we recommend you take a look at our SEO Edinburgh post.

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Web Design Edinburgh

    "Before we begin, it is important that you answer one question. It is crucial that you are absolutely honest with yourself when answering this question.  In this vast ocean that we refer to as the Internet, would you consider yourself a shark, or shark bait? If you said that you were a shark, I would like to introduce you to our Edinburgh web design services, your one stop shop for everything related to helping your site. As you know, the Internet is an extremely competitive realm and shark bait does not last long. When it comes to individuals seeking web design in Edinburgh you need not look any further. It is highly recommended that you read every single word on this page. By the time you have reached the end of this article, you will no doubt be ready to call upon us for your companies professional web design needs. [caption id="attachment_545" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Are you a shark or shark bait? Image courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios"][/caption] Let us lay all the cards on the table right here and now. The best way to gain your business is to earn your trust first. The best way to earn your trust is by educating you and arming you with the facts. There are many aspects of graphic web design; in fact, there are volumes of books specifically written on the subject matter. Our goal is to give you enough information to allow you to make a decision that is best for your company.

    What Type Of Website Do You Need?

    Before actively seeking web design, it is important that you are crystal-clear on the goal of your website. Will your website serve as a simple brochure site? A brochure site is a site that is meant to inform others of what it is that your company has to offer. Most brochure websites are just used as a reference for prospective clients. In some cases, things such as on page optimization, and off page optimization are not necessary. The reason being most companies will promote their brochure site using traditional means such as trade show banners, radio promotions, magazine advertisements, etc. . . This type of website does not require a lot of maintenance, and in most cases can be updated quarterly or as needed. If you are looking to sell a product and/or service on your website this is an entirely different entity. This type of website requires the web design services of an ecommerce web design specialist. You will have to consider the various types of ecommerce website design. Will you be selling a single product and/or service, or will your ecommerce site require a shopping cart? What type of payments will you accept? Will you be shipping physical products or digital downloads? If you are offering a service, does the prospect have to take an action such as call to set an appointment, or can everything be done online? These are just a few of the questions that you need to be prepared to answer when considering web design development.

    Choosing The Right Web Site Design Company

    How do you determine which is the best web design company for you? In choosing a company or design team to work with, one of the most important aspects that you need to consider is customer service. You should always choose a professional company that has good customer service before and after the sale. Do not be afraid to ask to see some of their previous work, and ask for actual references that you can speak with. If you were to search for "web design Edinburgh", you would literally be blown away at how many web design companies you have to choose from. Practically anyone with a computer nowadays considers themselves to be a web design expert. However, their credentials begin to break down once you begin discussing the different areas of web design such as flash web design, SEO web design, and design prices. This is where many shark bait web companies begin to crumble. Just because you want a flash design website does not mean that is what is best for your business. For example if your company is planning to generate organic traffic, then a flash-based website may not be beneficial to your company. No one will dispute the fact that flash is an excellent web design tool, and just like any tool there is a right time and a wrong time to use it. It is the duty and obligation of a knowledgeable design firm to help the client choose the best tool for the job at hand. Here at Edinburgh SEO Services we understand that your success is our success. We do not want to provide you with good service; exceptional service is our expectation. We want to be the only web design team that you will ever need. We have experience in everything from ecommerce web site design, to html web design and trust me when we say it does not stop there, we are constantly evolving.

    Web Design Costs

    Web design pricing is another area where you can easily identify an amateur web design firm from professional firms. Imagine for a moment calling a doctor and asking how much does he charge to do surgery. Chances are the receptionist would immediately hang up on you. The reason being, it is literally impossible to diagnose a patient without first doing some sort of assessment. The same principals apply when it comes to website services. Never trust a company who is"

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