Whenever you are using search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and enter a term that you require information on, the search engine will display a number of results to match your specific query.  These results are basically the search engines answers to your question and the pages you see in front of you are more commonly known as SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages).

Now just think for one moment the amount of times you have gone through that process of using a search engine in this way and the countless amount of results that Google etc has displayed for you.  You will understand that each and every time you did this, you will usually find the answer to your individual query and at most, you may have needed to click through to the 2nd page of the results.  The rest of the results pages you wont even know exist.

Unfortunatly, the fact is that unless your website is ranking in the high positions for search terms (also known as keywords) then your site will indeed be one of the many hundreds of thousands being ignored by people using search engines today.  By now you may rightly be wondering what it takes to get your site to a higher position in the SERP’s and to become visible to potential customers or clients.

The answer is straightforward enough; through search engine optimisation.

What Is SEO Or Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is the name given to the process & strategy used to achieve higher ranking results in the organic listings used by search engines.  This breeds a simple equation, the higher you are in the SERP’s the more customers/clients/visitors you will get to your site.  It really is that straightforward!


She knows what SEO is, do you??

Why You Need SEO Services In Edinburgh?

Before we go into that, lets say that websites these days can be (very) broadly matched into four different categories.  These are:

  1. Corporate Sites
  2. Personal Sites
  3. Informational Sites
  4. E-Commerce Sites

Now, we can safely say that the first to types of websites mentioned in that list will not usually require any kind of SEO.  This is down to the fact that the target user for those sites will already be using that site.  A personal site is usually for friends & family and a corporate site is usually for the staff already employed at the organisation.

The last two sites in the list however will usually have a need for optimisation for the search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.  If you are a commercial or informational type of site then your web presence will grow by gaining more and more unique visitors.  These visitors will only be able to find your site by having a good ranking in the search engine results and to achieve those rankings you need SEO.

A good start to get these visitors to your site is to take control of the content on your website.  Make sure you have content related to the service or products you offer or provide.  Although Google et all can not read, they do however scan the text on a web page and this means the more relevant your text/content is, the better the chance you will have of ranking high in the search engines.

When you are researching what content to put on your site, make sure you understand the correct keywords to use.  As was stated earlier, keywords are words or phrases on your webpage that describe the main subject of your website, they are also what the search engines will scan and match with the keywords being used by people searching, if the search term keyword matches with a keyword found on your site, the chances of you ranking high will be greater.

We dare you to be happier than this fellow!

We dare you to be happier than this fellow!

Local Internet Marketing In Edinburgh Can Be Achieved With A Little Keyword Research

In the purpose of selecting specific keywords for your website, it is advised that you use terms that you think people will be searching for.  For example, say you are the owner of an Internet Marketing & SEO firm based in Edinburgh and your company is named “Beat Mighty Google & Sons” (I have no idea if that’s a real company or not).  It would be best to optimise your site with keywords for search terms such as:

  • Edinburgh SEO
  • search engine optimisation in Edinburgh
  • SEO in Edinburgh
  • SEO Edinburgh
  • internet marketing in Edinburgh

This is opposed to optimising your site for the term “Beat Mighty Google & Sons”, because no one will be searching for that term, the vast majority of people/searchers are inputting specific services into the search engines and not brand or company names.

To summarise, make sure you select the right keywords that are more than likely be used by people using search engines to find a service you can provide.  Just make sure you do not overdo it as your site may look too “spammy” and can be removed permanently from the index of websites.

If you are still not convinced that about Edinburgh search engine optimisation services can benefit your business, did you know that

  1. More than 85% of people that are connected to the net, use a search engine to find services & products
  2. 90% of that 85% don’t even click below the 5 website listed on the first page of the SERP’s
  3. 75% of that 90% intend to purchase a product or service

Remember, keywords are only one part of the puzzle.  There are a lot more factors at play as to why certain websites rank higher than others.  If you are based in and around the Edinburgh area and want to know more about the reasons why SEO can benefit your business, then please get in contact with Edinburgh SEO Services for affordable search engine optimisation.

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