This follows on from our previous post on deindexed sites.  In that we talked about the scary fact that if you decide to start using unethical or black hat methods to promote your site, you will be at great risk of getting your website removed from all the search engines.  And nobody wants that!

If you hire an SEO company in Edinburgh chances are you wont encounter these problems as they should all be competent at their jobs.  However, many business owners in Edinburgh feel that they can optimise their own site, sometimes they can, sadly in most cases they cant and run the risk of banning their site completely from the search engines.

SEO can be risky business if handled by someone with little knowledge on the subject.

SEO can be risky business if handled by someone with little knowledge on the subject.

For those that are trying to optimise their site, you should ask yourself why you are doing it.  The answer of course should be to increase the amount of targeted visitors that have a potential to convert into a sale for the company.  If its not that, then the whole point of starting up a business website is gone.

We should all know that being on the search engines and ranking well organically for terms that are relevant to your site is pretty much like free advertising.  It has been said many times before that SEO can be considered the missing link between a business and a successful business.  SEO will allow you to find more customers as well as being a potential branding tool.

Not many people can find negative ways to describe the impact SEO has had for companies in Edinburgh, however there are negative ways we could describe the methods used by people to get their site ranked.  Unfortunately, many business owners who decide to implement their own SEO campaign can fall into this trap.  Its not intentional, its simply because they didn’t know what the impact would be for what they were doing.

If you are implementing your own SEO campaign then hopefully the following may save you some heartache down the road.

Make sure you get the basics of SEO right to avoid any heartache.

Make sure you get the basics of SEO right to avoid any heartache.

The Use Of Keywords In Search Engine Optimisation

The search engines these days are becoming more advanced in the way they read and understand text on web pages.  However, they are still just a robot and can be fooled by humans.  Some people will insist on adding keywords to their site in the hopes that the search engines will love it, however they are forgetting about the visitor experience.

If a visitor comes to your site and sees badly written content they will simply leave and return never again!  We at Edinburgh SEO Services aim to have your sites written for humans first and foremost and the search engines second.

Remember To Use Meta Tags For Better Search Engine Optimisation

For those that are unfamiliar with meta tags, they are simply pieces of code in HTML format that are used by either a web designer or the software that was used to create your site.  Optimising these tags will be a great way of improving your on page SEO.

Many web designers don’t have a good knowledge on SEO and tend to apply the meta data without thinking about ranking the site.  Fortunately this information is easy to change and change them you should as it can have a significant impact on your rankings.

Those are just a couple of the ways in which you should take care when optimising your site.  If at all you don’t feel comfortable doing this sort of thing then please get in touch, also visit our SEO services page as it aims to give you higher rankings with a touch of a button.

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    Database Management

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    Create and Manage Email Accounts

    You do this in the Mail section. Not only can you create the accounts, you can check webmail, set up forwarders to send the mail to another address, set up auto responders, create spam filters and set up a default email account.

    Check Log Files

    The Logs section is critical to you if you track visitors to your website. Log files give you information about where the visitors came from, what time they visited, how long they stayed, and even what browser they used. These things are especially important if you are running advertising campaigns because they may help you determine which campaigns are working.

    Set Up Wordpress

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