If you, like any other sane owner of a website wishes to see their very own site at the top of the rankings for your preferred keyword then this post is for you.  All the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own secretive algorithm which aim to rank the websites in their index in a precise manner. These algorithms will obviously never be released to you or I, however through trial and error on thousands of various websites, it has become common knowledge for certain factors to positively affect your position.

This post will talk briefly about these factors and if you are not already implementing them then now is about time, the sooner you do this the better it will be for your website.

If you wish for Edinburgh SEO Services to help with your online presence you can send us an enquiry or pick up the telephone for a chat.

Use the latest communication device to get in touch with Edinburgh SEO Services

Use the latest communication device to get in touch with Edinburgh SEO Services

Make sure you have a good keyword density

There are a lot of different theories on this one, some saying that you should not go over a certain percentage of your keyword showing.  We however feel that as long as you have quality content and mention your keyword once or twice within your text, your website should be off to a great start.

Remember the more content you have on your site, the more chance you as the site owner has to contain relevant terms related your keyword which will in turn help the search engines decipher what your website is all about.

It has been discussed before on this site, never spam your keyword into your content.  This can result in your site being de-indexed or even worse, banned for life.

Make sure you choose the correct keywords

It is very difficult these days to try and optimise your website for a single keyword.  Unless of course the keyword is something completely random.  Making sure you optimise your site with the correct keyword research which will save you a huge amount of time and energy.

There is no point in trying to optimise your site for a term that is nigh on impossible to rank on the first page for so get creative and think of other relevant terms with less competition.

Make sure you always have original quality content

The search engines these days have ways of displaying there search results.  They don’t want to display 10 websites with the exact same content for any query typed in by the user.

A way for you to get round this is by always using original quality content on your sites.

Make sure you have a healthy link building campaign

Links are what will send your website higher and higher in the rankings.  With the proper links you will see huge benefits to your sites.  If you are receiving or sending links to websites that are found to be in a “bad neighbourhood” then your site will unfortunately get penalised.

The simple rule to follow is only send and receive links to and from quality websites.  This will ensure that you remain on good terms with Google etc

Make sure you use relevant keywords

If you are trying to rank your website for a particular keyword, it may be tempting to repeat that keyword over and over in the content of your site.  This is not ideal.  It is however advised that you use relevant terms instead of keyword repetition.

Lets use this site for example, the main keyword this site will rank for is “Edinburgh SEO Services” but instead of repeating that term 100 times over, the site will be better equipped in the search rankings if it mentions other relevant terms such as “Edinburgh search engine optimisation”, “SEO in Edinburgh” and “Edinburgh SEO company”.

The search engines are getting better at understanding the relationships between certain terms and this is an opportunity for you to take advantage of that in a natural and legitimate way.

Keep on top of the SEO industry

Unlike other industries, the SEO industry unfortunatly does not contain large chimneys

Unlike other industries, the SEO industry unfortunatly does not contain large chimneys

SEO changes every single day, what works today may not be effective tomorrow.  Luckily if you hire Edinburgh SEO services you will have a professional team at hand to do this for you, however if you are trying to maintain your online presence as an individual then it is advised you keep track of the following sites.

If you would like us to help your websites performance in the organic search rankings then get in contact with Edinburgh SEO Services now.

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