Search engine optimisation is all theory based.  It is theory based because the search engines will never release the exact information on how their algorithms work.  Why would they?  If they did such a thing spammers would certainly take advantage of the precise formula and flood the rankings with poor quality sites. The methods search engine optimisation companies use are that which have been tried and tested thousands of times before to a successful effect.  There is however the fact that SEO is constantly evolving and the nature in which we believe we can rank pages high in the organic listing may change from day to day.

A visual history of SEO on a grand scale!

A visual history of SEO on a grand scale!

This is the nature of the beast but essentially, throughout the age of the internet, to optimise a website we must do two things:

If you concentrate on these factors you will always see a benefit to your search rankings.  Edinburgh SEO Services always optimise our clients sites using trusted white hat methods of search engine optimisation.  That way it ensures that you will see maximum return on your investment as well as it paying off in the long term.

What colour hat does your SEO wear?

What colour hat does your SEO wear?

On page SEO consists of making sure that your meta data is correct, making sure you have the best descriptions for the search engines and that you are using the correct keywords throughout the content of your site.

Off page SEO is very important.  This is where you need to promote your site so that you can get the visitors from each of the search engines.  This is done by pointing links to your website from good quality, authorities websites that relate in topic to yours.  This is often known as search engine marketing but we like to keep things simple and call it “Link Building”.

Getting websites to link to your site can be tricky but fortunately for you that is exactly what Edinburgh SEO Services can do for you.  Simply go to our SEO services page to find out more about our link building campaigns that could benefit your site.

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