If your website is languishing in the lower pages of Google’s results then maybe it is a good time to improve your PageRank and gain authority in the eyes of Google.  Edinburgh SEO services offer ways to improve your rank, simply contact us and we can begin the process.

How Do You Improve Your PageRank?

If you are unaware of what PageRank is then it is advises you do some research on the subject.  Below is a brief summary on it and how it can improve your site.

A happy way to illustrate a basic PageRank structure, just look at their wee happy faces!

A happy way to illustrate a basic PageRank structure, just look at their wee happy faces!

Each and every web page on the net will be assigned a PageRank by Google, that is ones that are indexed in Google’s database.  This PageRank is calculated on a secretive algorithm used by Google and it determines the importance and authority of your domain and the pages within it.

The pages on your website are ranked on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest.  To improve the PageRank on your websites you should concentrate on your link structure, both internally and externally.

To give you a better idea on how PageRank works lets say that this site Edinburgh SEO Services manages to get a link from another website, we will get some of the PageRank from that external site to this domain.  The external site will usually not see a negative impact on their rank, unless of course they link out to what is known as a bad link neighbourhood or to a lot of de-indexed or banned sites.

Don’t allow links from bad neighbourhoods ruin your SEO campaign

Don’t allow links from bad neighbourhoods ruin your SEO campaign

Lets look at the example in a little bit more detail now, say your favourite SEO agency in Edinburgh (us!) manages to get a nice PageRank of 5 and they link out to a brand new website, there will be a good chance that the site that received the link will get a good amount of PageRank passed to their site.  Basically, the more links your website receives from high PageRank pages, the better your site will perform in the search engine rankings and will gain more authority in the eyes of Google.

This is search engine optimisation and nothing is usually that straightforward and its not, if your favourite SEO company in Edinburgh (us again!) had a page rank of five yet had thousands of links pointing to external sites from that page, then the percentage of PageRank passed to the external sites will be greatly diluted.

So, how do you improve the PageRank of your website?  Make sure you do it the right way and as such make sure you avoid these common mistakes made by beginners.

When ever you are exchanging a link with a site, have a look at the amount of external links they have on not only the page but the entire domain.  Remember Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t link adult sites, betting websites and link pages that have hundreds of non relevant links on them.  Don’t try to exchange any links with these types of sites as you may see a negative impact in the rankings.

Other things that could have a negative impact on your PageRank are if you are linking out to external sites that are considered by the search engines to be in a bad neighbourhood or those that are no longer in the index of the search engines.  Most of the time you will not see a huge negative impact however you defiantly wont see any benefits so its usually not even worth it.

Whenever you are linking out to an external website, make sure that it is still an active website i.e. does it get updated often etc, make sure that the link will provide your visitors with a useful resource for their queries (again this comes down to relevance) and lastly make sure that is a good site with quality information on it.  Once you understand page rank read our other search engine optimisation tips, this too will help in the over all rank of your site.

How Often Does PageRank Update?

Although page rank is measured in real-time, Google only update the score of sites once every 3 to 6 months, probably due to them not wanting websites owners to game their system.

If you are looking to improve the PageRank of your website you will need to build links and take a good look at your internal linking structure.  We offer one of the most comprehensive link building service anywhere in the UK and our rates blow other SEO companies in Edinburgh out the water.  If you are interested then make sure you give Edinburgh SEO Services a call.

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