Make no mistake, the Edinburgh SEO scene is alive and well however there seems to be a theme with some unfortunate companies in Edinburgh and how they handle their online presence.  They will firstly pay a huge amount of money to get a nice looking site created and will then slowly but surely become frustrated that there lovely looking site struggles to get any visitors. 

So Mr CEO, why dont you bother with on page seo for your website?

Dont be in the dark like this bemused chap, on on page SEO is essential for your website!

Dont be in the dark like this bemused chap, on on page SEO is essential for your website!

We at Edinburgh SEO services believe that website design is defiantly an important factor in the success of your business online, however we do believe its not the most important factor.  Can you guess what we think is?

Organic Search Engine Optimisation Is The Most Important Factor In Your Online Success

It is search engine optimisation that will get people to visit your site, they will find you on the search engine when they are looking for the product or service you offer.  They find your site they buy your product, they don’t find your site they don’t buy your product.

We all know the process, search for something on any major search engine and be displayed results in their thousands.  The fact is the vast majority of people that execute this process will only ever click the top 3 pages on the 1st page.  If they can’t find what they are looking for from them, they will usually just enter another search.

The sites that are below the top 3 will more times than most go unnoticed by the search engine user.  So what should you do if you find that your website is one of the many that are sitting at the lower positions of the SERP’s?  That’s right, you can hire a search engine optimisation agency to improve your organic rankings.

There are many different ways to optimise your website for search engines and one of those ways is to change a few things on each of the actual pages of your site.  If you take the time to optimise each of the pages on your domain, you will see that your entire site will get stronger and will start ranking for more and more terms.

If you make sure you are in control of the following 3 on page SEO factors of your site you should be able to see a benefit with your online rankings.

For Better SEO Make Sure You Have a Healthy Internal Link Structure

Make sure you have a healthy internal link structure for your website.

Make sure you have a healthy internal link structure for your website.

The search engines love websites that they can crawl easily, the way they do this is by following the links on each page.  Make sure you have a good internal linking structure and point links from certain pages to others.

When creating the links make sure you use text as the link and not the URL, this is called anchor text and it is helping the search engines understand what your page is about.  There are many examples of anchor text on this site, feel free to hunt them out and implement a similar structure on your site.  You will only see a benefit in doing so.

Don’t have too many external links

Besides external links being a gateway for visitors of your site to leave to another domain, external linking could have a negative impact on your PageRank (If you are not sure what PR is, read our article on how to improve your PageRank) if you link out to websites with low authority.  It is however advised that you do contain some external links on your site as this appears more natural, just make sure that they are in locations on your site that will not allow you from losing a targeted buyer.

Make sure you optimise your site for targeted keywords

Make sure that all the pages on your domain mention the terms in which you expect a visitor to search for.  Take this site for example, this is targeted for people with a need to hire an SEO company in Edinburgh therefore the site will be optimised around terms like these.  For more information on this, there are many resources online that give advice on keyword research.

Again make sure it is done naturally and make sure it is all good content you are putting on your site.  If you don’t you will be penalised.

If you require more information regarding on page SEO and how it can benefit your business then please get in contact with Edinburgh SEO services, we are always more than happy to help out.

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  • ~ PPC Advertising – 7 Alternatives to Google AdWords

    "If you are a webmaster trying to drive traffic to your website, you have probably heard of, or used, Google AdWords. They are the biggest name in pay-per-click marketing, and rightfully so. But if you want a well-rounded campaign, consider some of these other PPC advertising sources: 1. Yahoo Search Marketing 2. Microsoft adCenter 3. Bidvertiser 4. MIVA 5. Kontera 6. Kanoodle 7. 7Search

    Yahoo Search Marketing

    Everyone has certainly heard of Yahoo. They offer a PPC advertising program similar to that of Google AdWords. When surfers do a search on Yahoo, ads appear on the search results page at the top of and to the right of the results. You can also run ads on their content network which are similar to Adsense ads.

    Microsoft adCenter

    When you advertise with adCenter, your ads will show up in Bing search results. They show up at the top of and to the right of the results. It provides many of the same features as AdWords: keyword research tool, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, time of day and day of week display options and more.


    Bidvertiser has several formats of ads that publishers put on their websites: banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, buttons and free design. Advertisers choose keywords and create ads for publishers to use. These come up randomly on content websites. Publishers can also sell ads to advertisers who want to target a specific website.


    MIVA displays advertiser's ads on both content networks and search engines through keyword and category bidding. They aim for quality content in their network. Advertisers can choose from display ads, mouse-overs and text links in the content of the page.


    Kontera displays attractive ads in a mouse-over popup box. The advertiser chooses the appropriate keywords for the ad, and when they match the content of a Web page, the Kontera script underlines the keyword in the text. As readers move the mouse over a keyword, they can read the ad and click it to get more information.


    Kanoodle is its own search engine. Ads are place at the top and to the right of search results. You can set your account up to automatically monitor bids to ensure your ad is always at the top of the results pages.


    Advertisers can get recommended keywords and upload bulk lists of keywords for their marketing campaigns. 7Search claims to have a better rate of return on advertising money than Google and Yahoo, claiming to have higher quality search results. You can place ads on search results and website content. If your first thought about PPC was that it was AdWords, think again. You have a lot of options: This is only seven of them. Your best bet is to try a few of them and track your results. You may find them to be better because you have less competition. You may also find that your campaign is less expensive through one of these alternatives. This is in no way to say to not use AdWords, just to supplement"

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