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  • ~ How cPanel Makes Web Hosting Better

    "If you are considering a web hosting company, make sure it includes cPanel, even if it costs a little more to get it. It makes your life a lot better. Here are a few of the features it includes:

    Why You Should Consider cPanel When it Comes To Web Hosting

    File Editing and Uploading

    One of the most important things you will do is manage files on your site. You can do this through an FTP program, but some people prefer to edit them directly on the server. You can do this through cPanel by logging in and going to the Files section. The Files section has File Manager, which allows you to see, upload and edit files. You can edit them in a WYSIWYG HTML editor so you can see what you are creating as you do it. You can move files around, copy them, rename them and delete them. The Files section also gives you the tools to do backups.

    Domain Management

    If you have an account that allows for multiple domains, you can set them up in the Domains section. This is also where you set up sub domains. A sub domain is not its own domain, but another folder on the server. As opposed to, a sub domain would look like this: In this section you can park domains, which means they are not active but still accessible; and redirect them. You might want to redirect a domain for various reasons. One would be that you are changing everything from that domain to a new one, so you redirect the old to the new.

    Database Management

    From cPanel you will have the ability to create and manage databases. It provides easy access to phpMyAdmin where you can see the databases, optimize them, find information, export them for backup and upload backups. If you run a membership site, a product site, or a blog, this is important to you.

    Create and Manage Email Accounts

    You do this in the Mail section. Not only can you create the accounts, you can check webmail, set up forwarders to send the mail to another address, set up auto responders, create spam filters and set up a default email account.

    Check Log Files

    The Logs section is critical to you if you track visitors to your website. Log files give you information about where the visitors came from, what time they visited, how long they stayed, and even what browser they used. These things are especially important if you are running advertising campaigns because they may help you determine which campaigns are working.

    Set Up Wordpress

    A valuable program in most cPanels is Fantastico. It sets up the Wordpress blogging platform for you with just a few clicks. If you are new to setting up Wordpress, you may feel this is the best feature of all in cPanel. cPanel has several other valuable features which you may or may not use. Either way, when you are shopping for Web hosting, be sure you get a host that has cPanel. You may regret it"

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