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What SEO Can Do for You?

Some of the benefits of running a business in our day is the advantage to attract a larger market through e-commerce. However, even though many businesses understand the value of having a website, not many understand the importance of optimizing their website. Having a great website is not enough on its own; your website will need to be visible for it to prove its worth. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Clients don’t have the whole day to search for information they believe should be out there about your company’s services and products. Of course, if you don’t value SEO, your competition does. By engaging in SEO you’re showing your clients how much you value your business and you draw them towards choosing your company over the competition. It is common knowledge that acquiring one client is seven times harder than maintaining a current client. The beauty of SEO marketing is that if used strategically, it can prove to be the cheapest means to acquiring new clients.

Marketing usually costs money. When you start out with your website design you pay for it. Even to get the best SEO marketing, you have to pay. This shouldn’t keep you from pursuing internet marketing. SEO is one of the cheapest marketing tools due to its recurrent effect. Whereas you need to repeat your marketing techniques for traditional methods to work, search engine optimization marketing sticks forever.

From various experiences, we realize that you cannot create your business to cover every market. This is because you have to identify your niche market and pursue to provide for their needs effectively. Engaging SEO marketing to promote your specialized products and services will of course bear much fruit if done correctly because you put your company as a priority checkpoint for your specialization. For instance, identifying yourself with high end products and services will appeal on online high-end searchers. The same also applies for budget product and services.

One of the greatest decisions you can make for your business is establishing and maintaining a reputable brand. As much as this can be challenging, SEO can make it a little easier for you. As you endeavor to build a renowned online company, engage various SEO marketing techniques to develop a brand that is recognized not only rules your industry off the web but also on cyber space.


Let Your Website do the Selling for You

We are in the technology age but despite how much hype there is about technology, there are many people who are struggling to incorporate technology into their business. Every business needs a website. If put to strategically, your website might just turn out to be your most effective marketing tool. You must be curious to know how to make your website create magic for you. This article will touch on a few ways you can apply to make your website do the selling for you.

Be Different

If your website will be your primary marketing tool, make it special. Take every opportunity you have to differentiate your company from your competition. Ensure you provide all the necessary information regarding your business. It will help to have an attractive presentation. Ensure your website is interactive so that potential customers find it easy to navigate. If they enjoy navigating through your website, chances are they will feel comfortable doing business with you.


SEO? What SEO? Search engines are the most effective tools when it comes to marketing your website. To ensure that you take advantage of this tool, engage search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Create your website content aimed at bringing you to the fore of search engines when potential clients search for your products or services. Do this by using keywords that relate to your products or services. You have to stand out from your competition in your SEO marketing so that potential clients can easily make a decision to use you.

Social Marketing

As you read this, maybe your phone is beeping because of a twitter update. Yes, we are in the days of Twitter, FaceBook and blogs. Those who caught on the tide earlier on have learnt that social marketing can only mean success for your business. Why not take their cue? Create a page for your business on every social engine you know and market it through your friends. It is simple and fun, just create your account and wait to see the magic it works.


How to Get Quality Website Content

You will not draw many visitors to your blog or site without having quality website content. The content of your site is what the search engines use to determine if the site has anything to offer people who are searching the Web for information. If the information on the site is thin, it will show up low in the rankings, and surfers will not likely see it in the search results. Fortunately, you can make sure that does not happen.

What Are My Options For Website Content?

Writing Your Own Content

One thing is true about getting website content: You have to write it yourself or have someone else do it for you. If you plagiarize it, or steal it, you could be in for trouble, so the other two options remain in the forefront. There are ups-and-downs to writing it yourself:

  • You must be a decent writer
  • It takes away time that you could better use for other projects
  • You can get writer’s block and not know what to write
  • You can get burned out quickly and not want to do it
  • Your writing can get stale and repetitive

The first problem you can improve through study and practice. There is plenty of material online and offline to help you learn. The second one is an everlasting issue; thus, outsourcing is one of the buzzwords on the net. You could have spent the hour used putting together an article to develop a new project. The last three happen to all writers, even if they do not realize it.

You can do some of the writing to get started, and you can do some of it intermittently, but to really get your campaign going, consider hiring a writer or purchasing content.

Purchase Content for Your Website

Rather than, or in addition to, writing the information on your site, you can acquire the content in other ways. This is the fastest way to build or add to a website or blog:

  1. Hire a freelance writer. These individuals work with their own private clients. Freelance writers specialize in writing about anything a site owner needs. They also do the research for the article. Freelancers charge a wide range of prices.
  2. Purchase content from brokers. Brokers pay writers to compose articles that clients have requested. These brokers may have hundreds of writers, so there is always someone knowledgeable about a particular topic. Prices range from low to moderate.
  3. Purchase private label rights articles. Brokers and individuals sell these prewritten articles to a buyer for unrestricted usage, as long as he does not resell them. The seller sells them in packages of as few as five articles up to hundreds. They are a good alternative to paying an individual writer, as they are inexpensive because the seller sells them to multiple buyers.

So when it comes to outsourcing website content, is this something you have ever considered for your company website or blog?  If it is then feel free to get in touch with Edinburgh SEO Services today for a no obligation quote by calling us on 0845 409 7019.


How cPanel Makes Web Hosting Better

If you are considering a web hosting company, make sure it includes cPanel, even if it costs a little more to get it. It makes your life a lot better. Here are a few of the features it includes:

Why You Should Consider cPanel When it Comes To Web Hosting

File Editing and Uploading

One of the most important things you will do is manage files on your site. You can do this through an FTP program, but some people prefer to edit them directly on the server. You can do this through cPanel by logging in and going to the Files section.

The Files section has File Manager, which allows you to see, upload and edit files. You can edit them in a WYSIWYG HTML editor so you can see what you are creating as you do it. You can move files around, copy them, rename them and delete them. The Files section also gives you the tools to do backups.

Domain Management

If you have an account that allows for multiple domains, you can set them up in the Domains section. This is also where you set up sub domains. A sub domain is not its own domain, but another folder on the server. As opposed to, a sub domain would look like this:

In this section you can park domains, which means they are not active but still accessible; and redirect them. You might want to redirect a domain for various reasons. One would be that you are changing everything from that domain to a new one, so you redirect the old to the new.

Database Management

From cPanel you will have the ability to create and manage databases. It provides easy access to phpMyAdmin where you can see the databases, optimize them, find information, export them for backup and upload backups. If you run a membership site, a product site, or a blog, this is important to you.

Create and Manage Email Accounts

You do this in the Mail section. Not only can you create the accounts, you can check webmail, set up forwarders to send the mail to another address, set up auto responders, create spam filters and set up a default email account.

Check Log Files

The Logs section is critical to you if you track visitors to your website. Log files give you information about where the visitors came from, what time they visited, how long they stayed, and even what browser they used. These things are especially important if you are running advertising campaigns because they may help you determine which campaigns are working.

Set Up WordPress

A valuable program in most cPanels is Fantastico. It sets up the WordPress blogging platform for you with just a few clicks. If you are new to setting up WordPress, you may feel this is the best feature of all in cPanel.

cPanel has several other valuable features which you may or may not use. Either way, when you are shopping for Web hosting, be sure you get a host that has cPanel. You may regret it otherwise.


If you are a webmaster trying to drive traffic to your website, you have probably heard of, or used, Google AdWords. They are the biggest name in pay-per-click marketing, and rightfully so. But if you want a well-rounded campaign, consider some of these other PPC advertising sources:

1. Yahoo Search Marketing
2. Microsoft adCenter
3. Bidvertiser
5. Kontera
6. Kanoodle
7. 7Search

Yahoo Search Marketing

Everyone has certainly heard of Yahoo. They offer a PPC advertising program similar to that of Google AdWords. When surfers do a search on Yahoo, ads appear on the search results page at the top of and to the right of the results. You can also run ads on their content network which are similar to Adsense ads.

Microsoft adCenter

When you advertise with adCenter, your ads will show up in Bing search results. They show up at the top of and to the right of the results. It provides many of the same features as AdWords: keyword research tool, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, time of day and day of week display options and more.


Bidvertiser has several formats of ads that publishers put on their websites: banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, buttons and free design. Advertisers choose keywords and create ads for publishers to use. These come up randomly on content websites. Publishers can also sell ads to advertisers who want to target a specific website.


MIVA displays advertiser’s ads on both content networks and search engines through keyword and category bidding. They aim for quality content in their network. Advertisers can choose from display ads, mouse-overs and text links in the content of the page.


Kontera displays attractive ads in a mouse-over popup box. The advertiser chooses the appropriate keywords for the ad, and when they match the content of a Web page, the Kontera script underlines the keyword in the text. As readers move the mouse over a keyword, they can read the ad and click it to get more information.


Kanoodle is its own search engine. Ads are place at the top and to the right of search results. You can set your account up to automatically monitor bids to ensure your ad is always at the top of the results pages.


Advertisers can get recommended keywords and upload bulk lists of keywords for their marketing campaigns. 7Search claims to have a better rate of return on advertising money than Google and Yahoo, claiming to have higher quality search results. You can place ads on search results and website content.

If your first thought about PPC was that it was AdWords, think again. You have a lot of options: This is only seven of them. Your best bet is to try a few of them and track your results. You may find them to be better because you have less competition. You may also find that your campaign is less expensive through one of these alternatives. This is in no way to say to not use AdWords, just to supplement it.


SEO and Keywords – Petting the Panda

Not long ago webmasters determined the best way to get traffic from Google searches was to yell at Google to get their attention. Webmasters stuffed their own webpages so full of keywords that the content was painful to read. To help searchers find useful pages rather than those only designed to make money through PPC and affiliate programs, Google is always changing the way it finds and indexes content on the Internet. Panda is one of those changes that has webmasters (and SEO agencies to some extent) sweating.

Trying to determine what Google is looking for, and how they index sites is a tough chore. Many experts feel that Panda is an attempt by Google to stop sending their valued users to bad, uninformative sites. If your site has seen a significant drop in visitors, it might be because the search engine has determined it is not providing quality content.

The Continued Importance of Keywords in SEO

One of the things that Google has always looked for is keywords; however, a little goes a long way. If you are adding keywords to your content at a rate of three or four percent, traffic to your website may be down. That percentage is excessively high now.

The longer the keyword phrase is, the more obvious the attempt at keyword stuffing. Consider a four-word keyword at three percent inclusion: The whole phrase has to be included three times for every 100 words. After about two paragraphs, your visitors will be long gone.

That is another thing to consider. Google is indexing sites with ‘stickiness,’ which is good written content that keeps visitors on the page. If the visitors are likely to leave your site right away (which is called bouncing) Google will not likely send them there. Remember, the idea is to send searchers to quality, helpful sites.

To keep your site from coming up low in the search rankings, or even being banned, make sure it has high quality, useful content that is not stuffed with keywords. You may feel it is not enough, but you should consider a keyword percentage of one percent or less, particularly for longer phrases. If they fall into place naturally, that is fine; but do not force them.

Do not stuff related keywords, either. Disguising spam will not help you. You should use related keywords, but keep them at a low percentage, too. Related words can be helpful in getting the search engines to understand the content of your site, but too many will probably hurt you.

The changes that Google makes from time to time are annoying to webmasters who are trying to make money from their sites. Those changes are a blessing to searchers because they are sick of junk sites. So consider this: If you want to make money from your site, provide good, solid content. The search engines will see it and send you visitors. All it means is that you have to do what you should have been doing before now, which is educating or entertaining your visitors.


There are a few copywriting rules that most good copywriters live by. My purpose is to show you what they are.

How to earn more links and visitors to your web page

Know your stuff

The best website content is by far the most honest, and to express the truth of a certain topic, you have to know what you are talking about. There is no use beating around the bush and inserting meaningless words just to up the word count. People notice, and people move on. Keep it true to its quest, and keep it informative without being haughty.

Use bold and italic to highlight the important points

Exactly that. Use these to draw your readers in and then make the text around the highlighted words relevant.

Use quotes to make your point

Nobody thinks you are an expert on every topic you discuss so be modest and cite people who are. Your readers will trust what you say and thank you for giving them the opportunity to look up someone else’s work on the subject. Besides, quotes are pretty, and usually make a very clear point in a very small sentence.

Use bullet-points and numbered lists

This may seem like the easy way out when trying to deliver a message to an audience, but it works. Lists are an effective way of getting ideas across without exhausting the reader with irrelevant words and information. We are all busy people sifting through a wealth of information to get to the point we need. Make it easy for them and they will thank you for it.

Utilise sub-headers

This enables us to more easily find the words and information we are looking for. If you have a lot of information to get across, then be sure to separate it or live to regret it!

Use images

Use visuals to express your point. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a thousand clicks.

Know your ‘power words’

Words such as ‘free’ and ‘success’ are good. Words such as ‘maybe’, ‘perhaps’ ‘might’ are not. Be positive and make sure your message is positive.

Use numerals in your text

People notice numbers more than they do text. They are short and offer more information in fewer words than text does. Use them whenever you can.

Keep it short and to the point

Although last, this one is by far certainly not least in importance. Presume every reader will be skimming your article, and not in fact reading it much at all. They are most likely to be looking for certain keywords that will give them clues as to the answer of their question. Don’t be lengthy in getting your point across. It will only serve to bore people.


What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of getting your website to rank higher on Bing, Google and Yahoo. Over the past decade, online marketing has risen vastly in importance. What before was no more than a bedroom hobby has now developed into a multi-billion pound worldwide industry. Almost everyone is getting involved, from the local pet grooming store down the road to the huge globalised brands with shops in every shopping centre in every major city of the world. Those who are yet to get on board are being left behind, which is causing them to miss out on a very profitable income stream.

If you’ve ever wondered why why some companies websites appear higher in the search engines than others, you’d need to ask about their SEO companies behind their success. Be sure to ask them how much more money they’ve been making since they got to the top of the search results. Studies have shown time and time again that search engine users go for the first result much more often than any of the other ones. The simplest way to get extra traffic to your site (and hopefully more business) is by increasing your online presence so searchers can find you more easily.

If you’re not even on the first page, it’s unlikely that the average internet user will ever see your site, if they don’t get what they want straight away, they’ll think of another search term to find what they want.

There are no huge secrets to SEO. If you have the time to set aside and learn the industry techniques, you can do that by reading some of the top SEO blogs and newsletters. One of the first things you’ll learn is that SEO is not a one-off fix, but an ongoing process that needs continual attention. If you don’t keep up the work, your site will suffer while other companies overtake you in terms of SEO performance. Another thing you’ll learn is that the industry is constantly evolving and something that worked five years ago, or even five weeks ago, may not be effective any more.

The basics of SEO are simple. Create a website with well-constructed content based around your keyword research. What you write should have a certain level of keyword density (but not too much) so the search engines can pick up on the theme of your page, but it should be written with the human reader in mind. This content should be well linked to, in order to show a degree of popularity, and above all it should be unique. Unique for the internet and unique on your site. You’ll need to make sure your website is well-structured and that there are no obstacles for the spiders who come crawling to your site. Make sure your coding is all up to scratch and that you’re making use of specific tags such as title and H1. You may want a bit of advertising (PPC & Google AdWords) to help get things started and to aid the struggling keywords and you’ll probably need to engage in some social media. Do all this in a search engine friendly manner and do not try to dupe them in anyway. And you’ll probably want to keep on reviewing and updating your work.

If you have enough spare time to learn, carry out and continue reading about the industry, you can easily take SEO in-house. If, however, you’d prefer to focus on your area of expertise, there are plenty of SEO companies around who are willing to do this sort of work for you. Plus, it’ll save you the hassle of learning all the jargon and making all the mistakes the agencies have already learned from.

Picking your SEO company

At Edinburgh SEO services, we only engage in white hat SEO techniques. What this means is that everything we do is upfront and in line with the major search engine’s guidelines. While this sounds like it should be a given, many SEO companies try to get an edge on their competition by ‘thinking outside the box’, but this often leads to penalties in search rankings or even websites being banned from Google listings altogether.

Edinburgh SEO services was established in 2009 and like our company, we keep our ideas fresh. We may be a small company right now, but we think big and can offer a full range of SEO services. One of the advantages of a smaller SEO company is that our employees all know each other and speak to one another, sharing knowledge, ideas and solutions. We’re not overworked, we don’t overburden out staff with clients and we don’t rush through our work to make sure it all gets done. We do have enough time to spend some of each day focusing on a specific client, we are friendly and approachable and we do know our stuff. If you want to follow industry changes and learn more about SEO, we’ll also keep you up-to-date with out thoughts on our SEO blog.

At the start of any campaign we will provide a free SEO report for your site to show you where we think improvements can be made. We’ll then talk you through our suggestions for the site, the terms we think you should target and together we’ll agree upon the best course of action to improve your site’s ranking. We don’t see the point in targeting a vanity search term just because it’ll look good if you rank well for it, we prefer to aim for the terms and phrases that will bring in traffic with an interest in your products or services. If you want to know what we’re doing with your site (or why we’re doing it in a certain way) then you simply need to ask. Unlike some agencies, we have nothing to hide.

We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the SEO services we offer. We do create bespoke campaigns for out clients and we have so far worked in a number of different industries for businesses based in Edinburgh and beyond. The one thing they all have in common? Appreciation for the work Edinburgh SEO Services carried out.


SEO Content Writing

Looking For 100% Unique & Professionally Written Search Engine Friendly Content To Add To Your Company Website?

One of the most important factors in getting any website to rank high in the search engines is by having quality written content added regularly to your site. There is a famous saying in the Internet marketing world which says “Content is king” and this is true to an extent but its only really true if the content you are adding to your site is of a high quality.


Article Marketing

Do You Want To Improve Your SEO Rankings & Your Brand While Bringing In Consistent Targeted Traffic?
If the answer is “Yes” our unique article marketing services might just be the best thing for you!

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Web Design Edinburgh

    "Before we begin, it is important that you answer one question. It is crucial that you are absolutely honest with yourself when answering this question.  In this vast ocean that we refer to as the Internet, would you consider yourself a shark, or shark bait? If you said that you were a shark, I would like to introduce you to our Edinburgh web design services, your one stop shop for everything related to helping your site. As you know, the Internet is an extremely competitive realm and shark bait does not last long. When it comes to individuals seeking web design in Edinburgh you need not look any further. It is highly recommended that you read every single word on this page. By the time you have reached the end of this article, you will no doubt be ready to call upon us for your companies professional web design needs. [caption id="attachment_545" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Are you a shark or shark bait? Image courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios"][/caption] Let us lay all the cards on the table right here and now. The best way to gain your business is to earn your trust first. The best way to earn your trust is by educating you and arming you with the facts. There are many aspects of graphic web design; in fact, there are volumes of books specifically written on the subject matter. Our goal is to give you enough information to allow you to make a decision that is best for your company.

    What Type Of Website Do You Need?

    Before actively seeking web design, it is important that you are crystal-clear on the goal of your website. Will your website serve as a simple brochure site? A brochure site is a site that is meant to inform others of what it is that your company has to offer. Most brochure websites are just used as a reference for prospective clients. In some cases, things such as on page optimization, and off page optimization are not necessary. The reason being most companies will promote their brochure site using traditional means such as trade show banners, radio promotions, magazine advertisements, etc. . . This type of website does not require a lot of maintenance, and in most cases can be updated quarterly or as needed. If you are looking to sell a product and/or service on your website this is an entirely different entity. This type of website requires the web design services of an ecommerce web design specialist. You will have to consider the various types of ecommerce website design. Will you be selling a single product and/or service, or will your ecommerce site require a shopping cart? What type of payments will you accept? Will you be shipping physical products or digital downloads? If you are offering a service, does the prospect have to take an action such as call to set an appointment, or can everything be done online? These are just a few of the questions that you need to be prepared to answer when considering web design development.

    Choosing The Right Web Site Design Company

    How do you determine which is the best web design company for you? In choosing a company or design team to work with, one of the most important aspects that you need to consider is customer service. You should always choose a professional company that has good customer service before and after the sale. Do not be afraid to ask to see some of their previous work, and ask for actual references that you can speak with. If you were to search for "web design Edinburgh", you would literally be blown away at how many web design companies you have to choose from. Practically anyone with a computer nowadays considers themselves to be a web design expert. However, their credentials begin to break down once you begin discussing the different areas of web design such as flash web design, SEO web design, and design prices. This is where many shark bait web companies begin to crumble. Just because you want a flash design website does not mean that is what is best for your business. For example if your company is planning to generate organic traffic, then a flash-based website may not be beneficial to your company. No one will dispute the fact that flash is an excellent web design tool, and just like any tool there is a right time and a wrong time to use it. It is the duty and obligation of a knowledgeable design firm to help the client choose the best tool for the job at hand. Here at Edinburgh SEO Services we understand that your success is our success. We do not want to provide you with good service; exceptional service is our expectation. We want to be the only web design team that you will ever need. We have experience in everything from ecommerce web site design, to html web design and trust me when we say it does not stop there, we are constantly evolving.

    Web Design Costs

    Web design pricing is another area where you can easily identify an amateur web design firm from professional firms. Imagine for a moment calling a doctor and asking how much does he charge to do surgery. Chances are the receptionist would immediately hang up on you. The reason being, it is literally impossible to diagnose a patient without first doing some sort of assessment. The same principals apply when it comes to website services. Never trust a company who is"

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