If you have a website and are based in the Edinburgh area, you will quickly becoming to realise that more and more local companies are taking advantage of online search traffic.  They take advantage of this traffic and improving their website through a technique called search engine optimisation and they are hiring SEO agencies in Edinburgh.

It is rather obvious that the online market is growing at an insane pace.  A majority of companies are noticing a difference in how they are attracting customers, in the past a business may have got most of its customers through word of mouth, Yellow Pages or TV advertising.  Now, these same companies are investing heavy in to attracting online visitors through search engines such as Microsoft Bing, Google and Yahoo!

If you go online now, you will find everything from stuffed koala bears to HDTV’s.  Companies these days are focusing their attention in a big way to making cash from transactions on their website.  A lot of people are buying and selling online these days and for you to be one of the successful companies that are selling, you will need to attract more people to your website and currently the best way to do this is through search engine optimisation.

EnLIGHTen yourself with good keyword research for your SEO campaign!

EnLIGHTen yourself with good keyword research for your SEO campaign!

Organic Search Engine Optimisation Sounds easy doesn’t it?

Unfortunately it is not.  To have a successful website you are going to really have to plan, research and think about your strategy to improve your rankings.  It can be the nicest looking site in the world but if it’s not getting any targeted visitors from search engines then it is pretty much useless.

With so many Edinburgh based companies optimising their sites it is becoming harder to get noticed.  In a medium that is rapidly growing like the net, your company will have to really think hard about their online plan, which is why so many are hiring SEO companies in Edinburgh.

Now lets take our tried and trusted example once more, say a user goes to one of the big search engines and types in “Edinburgh SEO”.  The users response after the SERP’s have been displayed are rather predictable, they will click on the websites that appear top of the organic search listings.  The websites that appear on the lower have of the first page or even worse, the second page, hardly every get any traffic from the keyword that the surfer used.

Now as far as you are concerned, being a website owner you will naturally want your website to appear higher in the ranking for search terms (keywords) that relate to your site.  That way you will stand a higher chance of getting a visitor that wishes to make a purchase from you.

This is what organic search engine optimisation is all about.  It aims to help you to command higher positions on the results pages of each of the main search engines.  One of the main ways Google and the rest find their results is through the keywords in the content of each site.

Keyword Research Is Critical For Your Online Success

Choosing the right keywords for your website is critical in its success and they will act as an entry way to your site due to the fact that if you understand the specific terms people are searching for, then optimise your site around those terms (keywords) you will have a higher chance of getting that visitor.

This is why if you are hiring an SEO in Edinburgh (or anywhere else for that matter) that it is crucial you sit down with them and have a chat regarding what keywords you wish to rank for.  It is advised you do this for two reasons, firstly it will make sure you and your SEO agency are singing from the same hymn sheet and lastly with the agencies keyword research expertise, they will give you their own recommendations on what keywords are achievable to rank your website for.  There is no point trying to rank a new website for an ultra competitive keyword term such as “credit cards” the competition is simply too fierce.

Have a discussion with the SEO company and make sure you decide on a set list of keywords that you both agree your target audience will type into the search engines to find a service or product such as your.  Then you should optimise your site by including these keywords into the body of the content on your website.

Make sure you are fully aware what is your site is offering.  If your website is offering a service such as pay per click advertising, then incorporate terms such as “PPC”, “AdWords”, “search engine marketing” and “online advertising as well as many more.  Once both parties are agreed on the keyword selection, you are one giant step closer in the right direction to optimising your website for organic search traffic.

On a final note, the keywords that you enter into the content of your website should appear natural and should not simply be a list of terms you want the site to rank for.  The search engines are getting better at identifying websites with keyword lists such as this and when they do find them, they will de-index them from their listings, your website will be gone forever!

The SEO duck applauds at this insight into keyword research!

The SEO duck applauds at this insight into keyword research!

Keywords are of course only a part of the puzzle and there are many more factors at play that are determining the rank of websites.  These will be discussed in a later post but for now it is important for you to understand the benefit of good keyword research.  If you are still unsure and feel you need more information then please get in touch and contact Edinburgh SEO services, we are always happy to help out with any SEO problem or issue you may be having.

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  • ~ How to Get Quality Website Content

    "You will not draw many visitors to your blog or site without having quality website content. The content of your site is what the search engines use to determine if the site has anything to offer people who are searching the Web for information. If the information on the site is thin, it will show up low in the rankings, and surfers will not likely see it in the search results. Fortunately, you can make sure that does not happen.

    What Are My Options For Website Content?

    Writing Your Own Content

    One thing is true about getting website content: You have to write it yourself or have someone else do it for you. If you plagiarize it, or steal it, you could be in for trouble, so the other two options remain in the forefront. There are ups-and-downs to writing it yourself:
    • You must be a decent writer
    • It takes away time that you could better use for other projects
    • You can get writer's block and not know what to write
    • You can get burned out quickly and not want to do it
    • Your writing can get stale and repetitive
    The first problem you can improve through study and practice. There is plenty of material online and offline to help you learn. The second one is an everlasting issue; thus, outsourcing is one of the buzzwords on the net. You could have spent the hour used putting together an article to develop a new project. The last three happen to all writers, even if they do not realize it. You can do some of the writing to get started, and you can do some of it intermittently, but to really get your campaign going, consider hiring a writer or purchasing content.

    Purchase Content for Your Website

    Rather than, or in addition to, writing the information on your site, you can acquire the content in other ways. This is the fastest way to build or add to a website or blog:
    1. Hire a freelance writer. These individuals work with their own private clients. Freelance writers specialize in writing about anything a site owner needs. They also do the research for the article. Freelancers charge a wide range of prices.
    2. Purchase content from brokers. Brokers pay writers to compose articles that clients have requested. These brokers may have hundreds of writers, so there is always someone knowledgeable about a particular topic. Prices range from low to moderate.
    3. Purchase private label rights articles. Brokers and individuals sell these prewritten articles to a buyer for unrestricted usage, as long as he does not resell them. The seller sells them in packages of as few as five articles up to hundreds. They are a good alternative to paying an individual writer, as they are inexpensive because the seller sells them to multiple buyers.
    So when it comes to outsourcing website content, is this something you have ever considered for your company website or blog?  If it is then feel free to get in touch with Edinburgh SEO Services today for a no obligation quote by calling us on 0845 409"

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