3 Basic Steps To Better Keyword Research

Getting your keyword research right will be the difference between making or breaking your search engine optimisation campaign.  Pick the right keywords and you will rank higher and faster, pick the wrong ones and look forward to a path of uncertainty and heartache.You cant put enough importance in selecting the best keywords for your site.  Most companies in Edinburgh still don’t have this procedure down.  Here are 3 basic steps to better keyword research that should improve the quality and success of your SEO campaign.

First things first, what are keywords?  They are basically the search strings people use to find websites when they are on a search engine.  For example, you may have used the keyword “Edinburgh SEO Services” to find this website.  Simply put, your SEO Campaign Doesn’t Stand A Chance If You Don’t Identify Your Keywords.

How did your visitors find your website?

How did your visitors find your website?

This is the first step to better SEO with selecting and identifying keywords for you site.  Make sure you research what sort of things the person off the street would type to find your product or service.  Try to stay away from industry related terms, instead focus on every day words and phrases.  You will find that these get searched for a lot more often.

Create A List Of Potential Keywords

Once you have brainstormed a few ideas, create a list that you would like your site to rank for.  Once you have that you can then move on to the next process of judging the traffic value and competition of each term.

Choose The Right Keywords For Your Successful SEO campaign

When you have a list of the preferred keywords you would like to have your site ranking for.  Visit the Google keyword tool.  This will give you more information on the numbers you can expect if you were ranking high for particular terms.

Try to focus on terms that will bring you high traffic yet have low competition in the SERP’s.  Once you start to rank for lower competition terms you can then try to tackle the more competitive keywords.  It is advised that you only do this once you have gained authority for your website.

Implement keyword research to improve the quality of search traffic visiting your site.

Implement keyword research to improve the quality of search traffic visiting your site.

If you require a certain SEO company in Edinburgh to do the keyword research for you, visit our services page.  There you will find many different methods to improve the visibility of your website.

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