Now a Freelance Web Designer …

Yup, you read that right, I am indeed a freelance web designer now!  As many of you will be aware, I started the Edinburgh SEO Services business a wee while ago now and as much as I enjoyed (and still enjoy) search engine optimisation both learning it and implementing it for my own sites as well as my clients, my real passion is in website design.

freelance web designer

The last few years I have been accepting more web design jobs and rejecting more SEO jobs simply due to the fact I find the process of designing a site from beginning to end more rewarding personally as well as the fact that in web design I have total control over the results of my work.

Where with SEO, Google pretty much still has the final say on the results.

That is why I now consider myself to be a freelance web designer more than anything these days.

I still offer SEO as a service but 99% of the time I will only offer it to clients that I have already designed the site for. That way I can be confident in producing results.

Like I say, I still have a keen interest in search engine optimisation and still keep my knowledge on the subject as up to date as I can so if you have any questions or concerns over your websites SEO then by all means send me a message, you can get in touch with me through the site I linked to in this article.

So to wrap up, yes I still do SEO however I only do it for clients who have already went through my website design service.  Also, if you have a web design project coming up then I know a good freelance web designer that can help you.